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SMEs in Tampere are using a one-stop-shop service to generate critical mass in key 3D technology. The city now leads the way in 3D printing in Finland. This is good news for the region’s economy, where the manufacturing industry is being renewed.


The ‘3D Boost and 3D Invest’ project purchased all common, commercially available 3D printing equipment which is shared by different educational institutions via a project network called 3D Pirkanmaa.


New business opportunities

More than 30 SMEs have drafted business development plans related to the use of 3D printing.


Businesses with limited resources use the 3D printers to test their own ideas and potential products. Others, like a specialist in the design and manufacture of carbon-fibre structures, now regularly use 3D printing in production processes.


New companies have also been established to manufacture 3D parts. In addition, start-ups have emerged to provide niche support activities, such as design and topological optimisation.

Official title
3D Boost and 3D Invest
Member State
EU funds amount
€1,223,779 – 53% of total amount
01/10/2014 to 30/06/2017
SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium
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