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Small businesses in Wales are exploiting opportunities in the ground energy sector through an innovative green initiative.


The SEREN project worked with enterprises to take products and services to the commercial stage. The project has helped 90 SMEs create a total of 111 jobs, establish 28 collaborative projects, and deliver 36 new processes and products.


Expert support

The SMEs were given access to demonstration technology, expert support and training. One initiative has opened the door to exploiting mine water as a major sustainable and renewable energy source – one which could bring jobs and investment to deprived former coal mining communities.


In addition, SEREN produced novel ways to engage 80 local businesses in important cross-cutting issues. The project developed software to help the companies understand environmental sustainability policies as well as equality and diversity legislation.


The results promise to help the region deliver on its commitment to environmental sustainability and a low carbon agenda.

Official title
Member State
United Kingdom
EU funds amount
€6,628,867 – 56% of total amount
26/02/2010 to 01/06/2015
Geoenvironmental Research Centre
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