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More than 57,200 people found work by the end of 2015 thanks to the Lombardy-based Dote Unica Lavoro project. It used an innovative, personalised approach to job searching following the financial crisis.


Personal touch

Each job seeker who applied for support was assigned a personalised plan of services, with a different ‘aid intensity cluster’, based on their employment history. Factors taken into account included how long they have been out of work, educational status, gender and age. Those assigned to the low intensity cluster were expected to find work with minimal support from basic employment services, while the medium/high intensity groups were also given training and coaching services.


Results by the end of 2015:

  • 81% of applicants were placed in a job
  • 23,605 people signed work contracts for longer than 6 months
    • 22% of these were permanent
    • 64% fixed-term
    • 14% apprenticeships
  • 31,369 people signed contracts for up to 6 months
    • 2,301 people started internships
Official title
Dote Unica Lavoro
Member State
EU funds amount
€26,103,095 – 42% of total amount
15/10/2013 to 31/12/2015
Lombardy Region
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