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To make it easier for residents to use public services, Olsztyn in Poland set up an online system in 2015. It automatically collects data from the municipal finance, city guards and parking departments.


Users set up a profile and can submit local tax returns for things like transport, agriculture and forestry. They can also make declarations related to waste disposal charges.


In addition, the portal lets users check if payments are due for:

  • taxes
  • parking tickets
  • fines issued by the city guards


They can then make any payments online.


No need to leave the house

The system has several advantages

  • residents can conduct their business with the authorities without leaving the house
  • it speeds up service at the city hall
  • documents can be submitted at any time of the day
  • declarations are checked before submission, cutting the number of mistakes


The system’s long-term sustainability will be ensured thanks to municipal funds.

Official title
Integrated Public Services Platform Implementation and Electronic Payments of Olsztyn
Member State
EU funds amount
€475,224 – 85% of the total amount
19/04/2013 to 30/11/2015
Olsztyn City Hall IT Department
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